About me

Expert generalist • Independent Contractor • Microsoft MVP • Home Assistant enthusiast

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Hi there! I'm Bogdan Bujdea, a Microsoft MVP from Romania.

I'm currently an independent contractor, offering my skills to companies ranging from startups to large enterprises, and in my free time I get involved in the local .NET community or I'm co-organizing the @dotnetdays conference. I consider myself an expert generalist because I like to explore new territory and continuously improve myself, learning multiple programming languages and technologies along the way. However, no matter what I learned or experienced, I always came back to the #dotnet ecosystem. I love the C# language, the development tools, the technologies, and most of all I love the community. This is way I got involved in the local .NET community by first being a speaker and then a co-organizer of the .NET Iasi meetup and the #dotnetdays conference. On this blog you'll see various content, from dotnet to Home Assistant and DevOps.